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A distinct voice that inspires trust & confidence.

Lili is a professional film & TV actress with a distinct voice (deep, contralto) who brings humanity to the scripts she reads so businesses can tell their story in the most authentic way. Her natural authority and conviction inspires trust and confidence. Like all serious professionals who constantly update their skill-sets, Lili continuously trains with the best coaches in the industry to stay current with trends. Why is that important? Take a look at this article. What mattered then, no longer matters now. It’s all about making your voice over sound natural, less polished and more “real.”

How does that affect you? The text you create must be more natural, -less overt. Think of it this way: we no longer talk “at” our target market, we talk “with” them. Your audience is made up your peers, so reaching them means speaking to them as equals. For information on using a voice over and working with a talent effectively, visit the “Voiceover client resources” section.

Lili records most voice over sessions from her own Los Angeles voice over studio and specializes in commercial voice overs, live event announcements (VOG), corporate/business narrations, and telephone voice recordings, IVR recordings & voicemail prompts. Her voice overs help you create positive first impressions, giving your business the edge it deserves.

Lili has been a voice over actor for 20 years and loves making every recording she voices sound vibrant and natural. Her custom built, broadcast quality, voice over studio is state of the art and she can provide produced (EQ’d) files when required. Lili uses Source Connect when working from studio to studio (ISDN bridging services available). You can order your .wav, .aif and .mp3 narrations today for:

Never booked a voice over actor before? No problem.

Get tons of information in the “Voiceover client resources” section. Here is also a video to guide you through the process. Hiring and working with a voice over actor generally comprises 6 steps:

  • Get to the best final script you can get to.
  • Figuring out if you need to separate the recording into smaller files.
  • Finding the file format (and audio specs) you will need.
  • Finding the tone you are looking for. More on that here.
  • Figuring out the rates.
  • Recording the VO.

Lili gives some tips on each step to make the process as smooth as possible. The key to a successful voiceover experience and a great end product is to get it right the first time! See how here:

For more information, visit this page as well.

Flawlessly bilingual English/Canadian French

Two languages, one soothing voice to keep your branding consistent.

Lili is a native French Canadian who was partially raised in the US, and is exceptionally skilled at languages: she has no accent at all in either French or English! She is the voice over actor most businesses turn to for their bilingual projects. (Speaking of accents, read this article and check this fun video out!)

Watch and download voiceover demos…

  • TV Commercials

  • TV Commercials

  • Film and TV narrator

  • PSA commercial narrator

  • Business narration demo

  • Characters: soldiers, ethereal creatures, reporters, narrators

  • Boy voice, mother voice, witch, ethereal, villain voices

  • Warm, deep, conversational voice overs for TV promos

  • Movie trailer voice

  • Public Address announcer

  • Telephone voicemail greetings recordings, ivr voice, auto-attendant voice, voicemail prompts