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The conversational read


Hello I'm a Millennial

Why must you be conversational in your voiceovers? Millenials want story, not ads. Take a look at this article:

Think small, win big


VW magazine advertising

People continually ask me about how to get into voice-overs, but after spending a little time with them I often wonder what is really holding them back from making a living doing a job they think they will love… One of the ways I notice myself getting stuck in paralysis, rather than being in motion and taking […]

Ever wonder why British and American English are different?


Us and UK flags

As a voice over talent, I am always interested in accents and languages and I have been curious about the roots of our North American English accent. Why is our accent is so different than in Europe? Here are some interesting articles: Live Science article Mental Floss article Dialect blog And here is why an […]

Text to speech technologies replacing humans?



When I read the title for this article, my heart nearly skipped a beat. The writer asked the question: will computers ever replace human voice over actors? Here are my succinct thoughts on the subject: I’ve been in this business for almost 20 years now, and I’ve seen all kinds of trends come and go (low voice, high pitched, […]

How I got started in Voiceovers


Howard Stern

Many people ask me, how I got started in this fun (and demanding) career. To make a long story short, it’s all because of Howard Stern…yes, that Howard Stern! Circa 1997, his show got syndicated on CHOM 97.7fm in Montreal, Qc, Canada, where I am from. In proper Howard Stern fashion, he said some “not so […]