Commercial Voice Over Talent

A commercial recording session with Lili is a breeze, -it’s like she has a metronome between her brain and her vocal chords! She’s been at this for a long time, loves her job and operates like a smooth, well oiled machine. Lili specializes in:

  • TV Commercials
  • Radio Commercials
  • Infomercials
  • TV promos
  • Movie trailers
  • In store announcements

Lili can record copy on her own in her broadcast quality voice over studio and send you a few versions of the read, but she also loves connecting with people, so go ahead and call into the studio to direct her during the session and be sure to get exactly what you want. You can connect by calling her on the phone, Skype, or by connecting from studio to studio via Source Connect or an ISDN bridge. If your session is at a commercial studio in Los Angeles, she is very happy to record there.

Download commercial voice overs here:

Banking: reassuring, mature, pleasant, positive, beautiful, timeless voice.

Food: mom, cheerful, enthusiastic voice.

Kids: youthful, fresh, vibrant voice.

Automotive: modern, conversational voice.

Clothing: upbeat, energetic, friendly voice.

Food: modern, conversational voice.

Technology: fun character voice.

Cosmetics: sophisticated, pleasant, soft voice.

Financial: fun character, conversational voice.

Food: beautiful, honest voice.

Food: fresh, natural voice.

Automotive: friendly, upbeat, natural voice.

To hire Lili, send your script, information about the media buy, who the client/product is (this is important as she may have brand conflicts preventing her from recording for your client), your preferred recording dates and deadline, along with your budget. She will do her very best to make your commercial the absolute best it can be.

More demos can be found on YouTube:

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