Text to Speech voice over talent

Lili is a professional voice over talent specialized in Text to Speech voices. She has recorded 5 TTS systems to date and has worked with linguists and engineers all over the world in order to create the best sounding TTS systems. Her voice over iso-booth is a reliable TTS recording environment because of it’s size, and because of the materials it was built with. It is a sound-proof and acoustically treated iso-booth, that has rivaled high-end studios, time, and time again.

Lili has a pleasing deeper, warm and friendly voice for TTS systems. When you hire her for you Text To Speech project, you are hiring one of the best and most experienced in the industry, along with the perfect environment to record from. Her booth is equipped with Source Connect and Skype for excellent monitoring options.

Lili only uses the best gear for TTS recordings:

-Neumann U87 microphone
-Grace Model 101 pre amp
-Apogee Duet sound card
-Mac mini
-Beyer Dynamic headphones.

Only a few companies in the world produce TTS technologies and most of them have decided to work with Lili at some point.