Female voice over actor with gravitas, a home studio and Source Connect

Lili is a female voice over actor with a deep contralto voice, and a raw sound. She has the gravitas and edge you want for your manifesto, while always remaining warm, aspirational and approachable. She sounds bold, confident, authoritativepowerful, and real but never intimidating. 

Lili is also a voice over Ninja! She has a black belt in two languages: she speaks North American English and French Canadian flawlessly, without an accent. She is absolutely and perfectly bilingual. 

Her proficiency in languages makes her a master at handling scientific, medical and technical scripts and can infuse even the most complex narrations with emotion. If you’ve got something important, personal, and maybe even complicated to say, she’s your girl.

As a film & TV actress, Lili’s career is multi-faceted. She’s appeared in Grey’s Anatomy and in Alien vs Predator. She’s also been a voice over actor in the Assassin’s Creed video game franchise. Most notably, she was the female announcer at the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic games. These days, she primarily records television commercials, and manifestos. Watch her recording voice overs on YouTube.

Lili records and edits voiceovers from her professional home studio (iso-booth) equipped with Source-Connect Standard. She works with a Neumann U-87 and records broadcast-quality recordings every day. Clients who don’t use Source-Connect can expect to receive high quality production-ready wav files. Listen to her voice over demos right now, and email her find out about her availabilities.

Lili loves breathing life into scripts and making them sound human and real. She looks forward to recording voice overs every day. She’s a SAG-AFTRA member in good standing.

Lili is also the author of industry books about Acting and Voice Acting, available on her Get Clever About site. She offers workshops to help aspiring voice actors make their way through the voice over jungle.

Need a French Canadian coach on set in Los Angeles? Visit Lili’s French Canadian coaching page here.

Female Voice Over Actor Demos

Flawlessly bilingual English/Canadian French female voice over actor

Female Voice Over Actor Lili Wexu

Lili is a native French Canadian female voice over actor who was partially raised in the US. As a result, she’s exceptionally skilled at languages; if you listen to her French Canadian voice over demos, you’ll notice she’s perfectly bilingual and has no accent in either French Canadian or English. Lili has become a highly sought after bilingual talent, and advertising agencies in Canada often turn to her for her unique skills. Her French Canadian accent is both professional (normative) and approachable; she sounds like the trusted friend you’d turn when you need advice or support.

  • Speaks French Canadian (Quebec native) perfectly;
  • Performs a French accent (France or Quebec) in English (for dubbing, movies, voice overs);
  • Voicey award recipient as Best Foreign Voice;
  • Provides coaching services on set and in studio.

Lili is a dual American/Canadian citizen and is a member of SAG-AFTRA, ACTRA and UDA.

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Need a French Canadian coach on set in Los Angeles? Visit Lili’s French Canadian coaching page here.

Doug, Felix & Peter

Testimonial 2 (Hot Spots)

"Whether its TV spots or promotional videos, English or French, last-minute or last-minute, working with Lili is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. The recordings are top-notch and her response to directives is always can-do. A great voice and a great sensibility."

Nancy Wolfson

Testimonial 1 (Braintracks)

"Lili Wexu is a fresh MODERN voice talent in every respect. Her sound and services are global; her brand is rock-n’-roll enough to engage the “next generation” yet carries enough heartfelt sophistication to infuse any project with the necessary dose of credible, easy authority. Interfacing with this smart professional is quick, simple, state-of-the-art and best of all, FUN."

Lili Wexu, Author of the Get Clever About series

Aside from voice acting, Lili is passionate about guiding aspiring voice actors through the voice acting jungle, and helping established ones breathe new life into their careers. As such, she’s written a modern-day Voice Acting bible titled Get Clever About Voice Acting & Announcing. She also offers classes and one-on-one VO coaching.

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