Booking, Payment & Delivery

Lili collaborates like a member of your own team. To schedule a recording session simply book an available time on her calendar, below.

Booking Guidelines

Call into the studio to monitor & direct a session: For short narrations under 3 minutes, booking a 30 minute slot is usually sufficient. For commercials, or if you simply prefer more time to record, feel free to schedule a 1 hour slot. Note that preparation and editing can take up to 90 minutes on either side of a recording.

Studio to studio recordings via Source Connect: If you are hiring a commercial studio to connect to Lili’s studio, you have the options of booking 1, 2 or 4 hour sessions.

If you trust Lili to record your project on her own, you do not need to book a time slot. She will simply record between scheduled time slots.


Lili delivers voiceover narrations via hightail from her professional voiceover iso-booth in Los Angeles, CA. She may also record voiceovers from the studio of your choice.

Rates always include

  • Editing (you receive a clean file, ready for production);
  • Turnaround time is 4-72 hrs depending on project size (Lili always meets your deadline);
  • File delivery via hightail and email.


Payments are processed via a secure credit card invoicing system (Quickbooks), upon delivery of files. Deposits are required for new clients. Major credit cards accepted (Visa & MC). -No checks or 30, 60, 90 day terms accepted at the moment. Order .wav, .aif and .mp3 female voiceover narrations today! Working with me and getting your voice over recorded is easy. Check the content to the right to learn how it works: Ready to record that voice over? Contact me today.

The process

Most often, you’ll request a custom demo (audition) of your script, and/or free quote. Let me know the length of your script in words, planned usage (i.e. national TV, local radio, Internet only), whether you’d like to direct the session live, and your time zone. You can also give me direction on tone, pacing and accent, if you like.

Next, if you’ve requested a custom demo, I record a portion of your script and email it to you, along with a quote for the total project. Once you approve the quote/demo, you then email me your final script with any notes or directions you’d like me to know about before I record. At this point, let me know the file format you prefer, such as mp3, wav or aiff.

You can have your project recorded in one of 3 ways:

  • Call into the studio to monitor & direct the session (this service includes editing);
  • Record by hiring a commercial studio to connect to my studio via Source Connect. Note that this option is costlier since you will pay for the commercial studio on your end (and be sure the commercial studio you are hiring uses Source Connect);
  • I can record and edit on my own.

To book a recording time with me, click on a time slot below. Note that you do not need to book a time slot if you are not calling into my studio for the session since I will record during free time slots.

Call in to monitor and direct up to 30 minutes

Call in to monitor and direct up to 60 minutes

Source Connect up to 1 hour

Source Connect up to 2 hours

Source Connect up to 4 hours

Next, I edit the sound file to remove any mistakes, clean up any microphone clicks, and remove breaths, when required. (This editing process may take up to two or three times as long as the recording process itself.)

I then email you an invoice, which includes a link to the audio files via This makes it easy for you to download large files to your computer quickly, and review my work.

The price I quote for your job generally includes a free “pickup” recording session for any small changes you might like to make after the initial recording is complete – perhaps altering the way a word is pronounced or emphasized. For extensive changes, and particularly if you decide to rewrite the script or make substantial additions, I charge an additional fee of US $75-$150 per pickup session.

I accept payments via credit card, via the secure accounting system I use for invoicing. Payments are made upon reception of the audio.

Clients generally pay for my services from the same day to one week of successful completion of a project. I do require a 50% deposit from new clients.