Corporate Voice Narration – Manifestos

Lili is all girl power. She has that raw, cool sound with swagger and gravitas, but always remains approachable and conversational. She’ll inspire trust and confidence in audiences of all ages. Lili’s is a master of technical language, so you’re in good hands, even if your message is technical or complicated. She offers corporate voice narration services from her professional voice over studio in Los Angeles.

Her corporate voice narration services can be used for:

  • Manifestos
  • Corporate videos
  • Youtube narrations
  • Explainers & How-to videos
  • Museum tours
  • Promotional videos
  • Sales presentations
  • Tutorials
  • Educational narrations
  • Instructional narrations
  • Medical narrations

For TV narrations visit this page. For Live Announce & VOG announcements, visit this page.


Hiring Narration Expert Lili Wexu

Find out about availabilities and turnaround times. 

Recording a Corporate Voice Narration

There are various ways Lili records corporate voice narrations:

  • Record remotely by connecting with her studio via Source Connect.
  • You can call into the studio to monitor/direct the session (this service also includes editing);
  • Lili can record and edit on her own;
  • Lili can show up at a local Los Angeles studio of your choice (after the pandemic).

Watch Lili recording voice overs!

Corporate Narration Demos & Manifestos