Voice Over Talent with a French Accent

Authentic French accents are hard to come by, but Lili performs French accented voice overs for promos, video games, animationdubbing, ADR and even for wallas flawlessly. Download French accent voice over demos with varying styles and degrees of a French accent:

To obtain a quote, please let us know the following:

  • Type of project (dubbing, walla, ADR, commercial, etc.)
  • Where this will end up (film, TV show, video game, internet, etc.)
  • Approximate word count and/or length of VO
  • Budget

You are welcome to call in to direct the recording session by phone or Skype. If you require a Source Connect session (or ISDN bridge) we’ll be happy to accommodate you as well. Voice over rates include basic editing, the session fee and buy out. Turnaround time is usually within 4-72 hours, and depends on the length of the project. Hire a professional French accent voice actor today!

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