French Canadian Voice Over Talent in Los Angeles

A native French Canadian Talent from Montreal (Quebec) in Los Angeles, CA, Lili offers French Canadian Voice Over and narration services in addition to English (Canadian) voice overs. In Canada, she has been one of the most reputable voices in the commercial sector for over 20 years. She also had the honor of announcing at the Olympics in 2010. She is currently the voice of one of the largest furniture retail brands in Canada, the voice of Via Rail trains, Hydro Quebec, and a multitude of others.

For more French Canadian and bilingual Canadian demos, visit the official French Canadian Voice Overs website. You can also watch Lili recording voice overs on YouTube.

When recording voice overs, Lili typically uses a standard French Canadian accent that is understood by all of French Canada. She also performs International French, and French accents in English narrations (and vice versa).

Lili does not have an accent in either French or English and has even won an award for that talent; her peers recognize her amazing bilingual skills. Lili records French Canadian narrations from her studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Keep your corporate branding consistent with bilingual voice overs. Hire the same voice over talent for:

  • English/French Canadian bilingual Corporate narrations
  • English/French Canadian bilingual Pharmaceutical/Medical narrations
  • English/French Canadian bilingual Educational and Instructional narrations
  • English/French Canadian bilingual TV & Radio commercials
  • English/French Canadian bilingual Professional Voicemail Greetings (IVR, messages on hold, voicemail prompts)

Hiring Lili Wexu

Find out about availabilities and turnaround times. 

Ways to Record French Canadian Voice Over with Lili Wexu

There are various ways Lili Wexu records voice over sessions:

  • Record remotely by connecting with her studio via Source Connect (preferred method);
  • Lili can show up at a local Los Angeles studio of your choice (post pandemic);
  • You can call into the studio to monitor/direct the session (this service also includes editing);
  • Lili can record and edit on her own.

To order professional French Canadian voice narrationsFrench Canadian voice oversFrench Canadian TV and radio commercialsFrench Canadian professional voicemail greetings, or French Canadian video games, contact Lili today, and inquire about availabilities!

Native French Canadian Voice Talent in Los Angeles

Lili’s Voicey Award is a testament to her flawless bilingualism and her exceptional French Canadian voiceover skills. She is originally from Montreal, Qc.