Native French Canadian voice over talent in Los Angeles

A native French Canadian voice talent from Montreal (Quebec) in Los Angeles, CA, Lili offers French Canadian voice over and narration services in addition to English voice overs. Listen to French Canadian demos below. For more French Canadian demos, visit the official French Canadian Voice Overs website.

A consummate voice over artist, Lili uses a standard French Canadian accent that is understood by all of the French speaking world. Lili does not have an accent in either language and has even won an award: her peers recognize her amazing bilingual skills. Lili records French Canadian narrations from her studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Keep your corporate branding consistent with bilingual voice overs; hire the same artist for:

  • English/French Canadian bilingual Business narrations
  • English/French Canadian bilingual Pharmaceutical/medical narrations
  • English/French Canadian bilingual E-learning narrations
  • English/French Canadian bilingual TV & radio commercials
  • English/French Canadian bilingual Telephone voice recordings (IVR, messages on hold, voicemail greetings)

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French Canadian voice over services

Lili’s Voicey Award is a testament to her flawless bilingualism and her exceptional French Canadian voiceover skills. She is originally from Montreal, Qc.