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Get your voice over recorded by Lili in 10 easy steps.

NOTE: Lili rarely records scripts that contain more than 350 words in either French or English. In other words, she does not perform long narrations, volume work, or bulk orders. 

Step 1. Understand & agree to voice over fees.

To determine rates based on your needs please contact Lili. Unless you are an established casting director, you will receive a VO Rate Questionnaire that will help you determine Lili’s fees. If you align, budget-wise, she will be happy to record an audition, book a scratch track session, or the actual session.

Step 2. Get an audition or scratch track.

When Lili reaches out, you may:

  • Request an audition.
  • Book a scratch track.
  • Book a session.

If you are ready to book the session, you will be given a link to choose your time slot. You will not be able to book before two days. There are no same-day, or next-day recordings. 

Step 3. Book the session.

Once you book the session, you will either receive a Zoom invite, or you will connect Lili to the studio you are recording her with via Source Connect. Lili’s studio is not compatible with Teams or Meet.

Step 4. Prepare for the session.

Then, you will be requested to:

  • Share production elements.
  • Share the final script (if technical, share 48 hours prior to recording).
  • Provide billing info, including job or PO# as well the client’s contact in the event you move on and usage renewals must be discussed.
  • Provide any pronunciations necessary (48 hours prior to recording).

Before the session, Lili encourages clients to record their script on a smartphone, to make sure the word choices are final, and to ensure the script isn’t too long, or too short for the video or ad they’re producing. This produces better end results and saves a significant amount of time and money.

Medical/technical/narrations with unusual names (people or brands) or unusual words: You will be requested to provide audio recordings of any names/words that aren’t in the Merriam Webster dictionnary, OR that are pronounced differently than on the site. You may provide smart phone recordings, or references online (please cue them, so they can be accessed quickly). Phonetic transcriptions will not be accepted. 

Step 5. Record the session.

Lili requests that your team to be present via Zoom or Source-Connect for the session. She very rarely records sessions on her own. Please allow for one hour. Typically sessions last between 20 minutes and one hour.

Hire Lili Wexu today!

Step 6. Receive your files & invoice.

Lili will generally edit your files in the highest quality format (wav. 24 bit, 48k) the same-day or the next-day and deliver them via a file transfer service like Hightail as soon as she has finished editing your files. If your recording is handled by a commercial studio, they will provide you with the edited files.

Once Lili has delivered your files, she will send you her invoice.

Step 7. Verify recordings within 10 days.

Once you receive the files, please listen to them as soon as possible. You may request minor revisions (a word change here or there) within that time frame at no additional cost (you will be booking at least 2 days out).

If a re-record is needed, we will need to schedule it asap (again you will be booking at least 2 days out). You will pay 50% of the session fee if you request a re-record within 15 days.

Re-records requested past 15 days will be charged at the full session fee.

Step 8. Pay your invoice.

Lili uses a secure invoicing system (Quickbooks) within 10 days. You must pay electronically. You may pay with major credit cards, ACH, or direct deposit. Payment via services like Bill.com, Veem, or Zelle are also accepted. –No checks or 30, 60, 90 day terms accepted. Please get a 10-day payment delay approved with your accounting department prior to recording. 

European clients may pay via PayPal or direct deposit if they are handling the payment fees.

Step 9. Write your testimonial.

If you are so inclined, Lili would be over the moon if someone on your team took a few minutes to write a short testimonial. The link will be on the invoice. You may also return to this page anytime after your recording.

Step 10. Pay usage renewals if applicable.

Lili’s team keeps a usage calendar and will send you reminders about whether you want to continue using Lili’s voice in her productions.

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