How I got started in Voiceovers

Many people ask me, how I got started in this fun (and demanding) career. To make a long story short, it’s all because of Howard Stern…yes, that Howard Stern!

Circa 1997, his show got syndicated on CHOM 97.7fm in Montreal, Qc, Canada, where I am from. In proper Howard Stern fashion, he said some “not so nice” things about French Canadians at a press conference announcing the show. This made headlines and caused a frenzy in local media. A competing radio station (MIX 96 at the time) was airing their weekly lunch hour show from the bar where I worked, and they decided to use the opportunity as a marketing device. They wanted to tell their listeners that regardless of their ethnic background, they appreciated them (to steal some listeners from CHOM, let’s face it).

As luck would have it, that year my voice had been popular; I had been asked to record people’s voicemail non-stop (a trend that continues today) and people continuously mentioned that I should get on the radio. Having given her my Blues singing career at the tender age of 7 (other story), this sounded like a decent alternative!

Sure enough, the DJ’s who were airing the lunch hour show asked me if I would be able to come in to the station, and voice some Radio stations liners in French in order to launch the campaign aimed at recouping CHOM listeners.

The rest is history because I put those headphones on, the DJ turned up the volume, and it was love…and it hasn’t stopped ever since. I went on to study Communications and Theater later, and to have a career in the entertainment industry. Thanks Howard!