Think small, win big

People continually ask me about how to get into voice-overs, but after spending a little time with them I often wonder what is really holding them back from making a living doing a job they think they will love…

One of the ways I notice myself getting stuck in paralysis, rather than being in motion and taking concrete action towards whatever goal I have set for myself, is by «thinking big». It’s quite natural to loose interest when faced with enormities, and I can assure you that whenever I have to deal with a mountain…I’m the first one to run for the forest!

Entering the world of voice-overs can really seem like a mountain: one has to learn so many different things to have a fighting chance at a successful voice over business. It takes commitment, trust, hard work, persistence, planning, vision, and lot of training! And not just in voice-overs…in editing, recording, business, sales, branding, and the list goes on!

This reminds me of a time when I first moved to LA and that it became very clear to me that I wanted to do my part in making the world a better place. At the time, that just seemed impossible: People are corrupt! There are wars in the world! Chemicals in the air! The water is polluted! Talk about a whole mountain range…

I was discouraged for about a year, and every time I took steps towards educating myself or watching another documentary, I felt anxiety about what awful thing I would learn next. As expected, I felt depressed by the end of every article I read, and documentary I watched. Because no one had any solutions! There were only problems, problems, problems…I felt helpless, frustrated and those feelings constantly threatened to kill my desire to find a solution.

Luckily, I found my solution (though sometimes I wonder if it found me, which I’ll write about in another entry). After a lot of research on ways I could do my part in the world (according to my schedule and resources), I finally settled on creating Deeds do good. -It was a personal challenge that had me doing one small, free, kind action, every day. This was all I knew I could manage, and I did it! It was a lot of fun and it brought lots of light and happiness into my life.

After a while I realized that this new small daily commitment had changed my life: for one, it helped me believe in a much better world, -I got to see how we can all make a difference, in our own small but important way. It also showed me that I could be of service to those around me far more than I had realized. But the biggest gift it brought me is that it made me realize that thinking small was the key to so many BIG problems! Here’s a speech I wrote on my discovery that I performed for my Toastmasters group: Think small

My latest example of «almost paralysis/thinking too big» is that I recently decided to write a book about voice-overs, so I can address all the questions people have had for me over the years. Just the thought of it paralyses me, -probably because I am imagining a finished book. So I decided to first start gathering the technical notes I had put together over the years, -that part is easy so far, and fun, because it’s not too daunting (it’s rather satisfying since I’ll finally be able to put these good notes to use!)

The «mountain» is the unwritten part, which is also the part I feel will be the most helpful to people considering this career: sharing the real problems I faced when I myself considered self-employment in the field. The lack of funds, lack of confidence in my skills and as an artist, lack of focus, fear of the unknown, etc. But it turns out that I am a part of a Toastmasters group, and it so happens that our job is to write small, concise, helpful speeches. So, if I create speeches around these specific topics, and if I start those speeches with my own personal stories, then I can write one small story at a time, and perhaps simply expand them for the book. See how I have just made my task smaller, and so much easier?

Now I am actually motivated to write, as opposed to deflated by the daunting prospect of a huge book. When I break the book down, one chapter at a time, one toastmaster speech at a time, I can definitely see this book getting written. -It’s amazing how helpful your own advice can be.

Can you apply the think small philosophy to your voice over career dream? Consider take it one little step at a time, daily. -It’s easy to see that we’d be living in a much better world almost instantly, if everyone in the world did small little acts of kindness towards one another. Why wouldn’t you benefit from the same kind of compound effect, if you applied small little actions daily, to the creation of your own business? Try it. As time passes, you just might see big results.

Have fun!


lili xo