Other French Canadian Voice Actors

If Lili isn’t available or isn’t quite the right fit for your project, don’t sweat it, she works with other reliable and professional French Canadian voices regularly. All the voice actors and voice actresses she works with have a professional home studio and Source Connect for remote recording sessions. French Canadian voice talents can also work via a link (i.e. IPDTL, Session Link Pro, etc.). Note that these French Canadian voices are professional actors and actresses, some work on French Canadian TV and most work in the local French Canadian theater.

Listen to the French Canadian actors and actress voice samples on the right to make your choice. Keep in mind that flexibility with turnaround is important. The actor or actress you like may be on set the day we reach out to them, or on the dates you need your project.

Working with a French Canadian voice actor:

  • You can either send your script, receive an audition and have the talent record on their own. In that case, please provide as much content and context prior to the recording to help them create the best possible voice over or dub for your project.
  • You can also request to be a part of the recording session so that you may direct them. While some speak better English than others, you may want to have a French Speaker on the line to translate or monitor the session. Lili can always jump in on the call (for a monitoring/translating fee of $250) as well.

French Canadian voice over rates: 

  • Minimum fee per talent is $500 USD. This generally includes about 150 words (1 minute of audio) and is for internal use only.
  • For external use of about the same length, the minimum fee is $750 USD.
  • All scripts longer than 300 words start at $750 USD.
  • Long form narration is discussed on a per project basis.
  • All fees are payable upon reception of audio.

Lili looks forward to helping you book the right French Canadian voice for your project!

Need a French Canadian coach on set in Los Angeles? Visit Lili’s French Canadian coaching page here.

French Canadian Voices

Explore other professional and reliable French Canadian male and female voices.