Professional Voicemail Greetings

Get professional voicemail greetings today! Lili is a professional voice talent based in Los Angeles with a deep warm voice that will make your business sound professional. Lili has been recording professional voicemails & messages on hold with a fast turnaround since 1997. Most recordings are delivered within 24 hours. Watch Lili recording voice overs on YouTube.

She specializes in:

  • Professional voicemail greetings & voicemail messages
  • Professional Auto attendant greetings
  • Professional  IVR phone recording
  • Professional voicemail marketing
  • Professional Messages on Hold

Don’t be fooled by other business’ mediocrity…Excellence matters. First impressions also matter. Let your clients and investors listen in on just how exciting and professional your business really is.

Lili is a telecom voice branding solution for your business. She offers quality telephone voicemail recording services to industry leaders. Companies who work with Lili know they deserve the very best.

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Have questions? See our Voicemail FAQ section here.

Need script options? Take a look at these templates (and modify them as you please):

Watch to the video below to find out how the service works! If you have any additional questions, visit the FAQ page.

Need French Canadian voicemail voice? Listen to Lili’s bilingual (English & French Canadian) voicemail demos here. Need a Spanish voice? Listen to her Spanish voicemail recordings here.

To hire Lili, let her know:

  • Type of project (business voicemail, text to speech, voice recognition, help lines, etc);
  • Number of words in the finished/approved text;
  • Number of files;
  • File format preferred (mp3, wav).

Please provide voicemail scripts in a Word document (.doc).

Inquire about professional voice greetings, ivr voice recordings, telephone & voicemail prompts today!

Professional Voicemail Greetings by Voicemail Voice Lili Wexu

Professional Voicemail Greetings Demo