Never hired a voice over actor before? No problem.

There are a few things to keep in mind when hiring a voice over actor. Take a look at this video to guide you through the process. Overall, these are the 6 steps you can take to make your workflow smoother:

  • Get to the best final script you can get to (pssst…read it out loud!)
  • Figure out if you need to separate the recording into smaller files (ask your producer or phone installer).
  • Find the file format (and audio specs) you will need (ask your producer or phone installer).
  • Find the tone you are looking for (listen to demos, especially those of the artist you are interested in hiring).
  • Figure out the rates (try and get a rate sheet).
  • Recording the voice over (let the artist record on their own, or monitor and direct them?)

The key to a successful voice over experience and a great end product is to get it right the first time. For more about scheduling and workflow, visit this page as well.