Video Game Voice Actress

Video Game Voice Actress Lili Wexu is a professionally trained film & TV actress who will breathe life into the characters you’ve created in video games and animation. Watch Lili recording voice overs on YouTube.

She performs:

  • Child (boy/girl) voices
  • Hero voices
  • Villain voices
  • Fairy voices
  • Witch voices
  • Soldier voices
  • Mother voices
  • Elder voices
  • Ethereal voices
  • Creature voices
  • Animal voices
  • French accent voice overs

Working with Lili

As a Video Game Voice Actress & Animation performer, Lili can record and produce .mp3, and .wav files from her professional home studio in Los Angeles, CA. For video game and animation sessions, she highly recommends that you call in to direct her. She can also record at a studio of your choice in the Los Angeles area. Check availabilities here.

Lili performs MOCAP, and records video games, animation films, short films, educational projects, animation TV pilots, and children’s shows. She performs character voices for anime, avatars, documentaries, and short films.

Hiring Video Game Voice Talent Lili Wexu

Find out about availabilities and turnaround times. 

Video Game Voice Actress Lili Wexu

Video Game Voice & Animation Demos

Recording with Video Game Voice Actress Lili Wexu

There are various ways Lili records voice over sessions:

  • Record remotely by connecting with her studio via Source Connect (preferred method);
  • Lili can show up at a local Los Angeles studio of your choice (post pandemic);
  • You can call into the studio to monitor/direct the session (this service also includes editing);
  • Lili can record and edit on her own.

She is looking forward to working with you! Hire a voice actor for your video game or animation project today.