Live Announce & VOG

Lili is a professional live event presenter and VOG announcer with a voice that commands attention (gravitas). She provides announcements for galas, award shows, games, trade shows and conferences. She has had the very special honor of being the Public Address Announcer for the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in 2010, among many others. You can actually watch Lili recording VOG’s on YouTube.

To obtain pre-recorded announcements for your live event, do not hesitate to inquire about rates and availabilities today. Lili has her own broadcast quality recording studio, and you may call in to direct her while she records your VOG’s. If you are crunched for time, she can also record them on her own and give you a couple of versions of every announcement. If you prefer having her on site, you may also hire Lili in person. (If your event is outside Los Angeles, please plan on providing travel and accommodations.)

Before Recording Sessions…

If you are introducing people during your event, please provide a recording (a smart phone is fine) with the pronunciation of your guests names.

VOG clients include…

  • Audi quattro
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Pfizer
  • National Bank
  • Telus
  • Junos
  • Olympics (IOC)

In closing, Lili’s voice is sophisticated, classy, pleasant, positive, welcoming, and energetic. Her recordings are sure to make your event sparkle! Your guests will feel welcome and important, and your staff will enjoy her down to earth team spirit and “can-do” attitude.

VOG's by Public Address Announcer Lili Wexu

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