Voice Acting Coach in Los Angeles, CA

Lili Wexu is not only a voice over actor, but also a voice acting coach. Are you a film, television or theater actor looking to cross over into voice acting? Do you have a sudden voice audition you would like coaching on? Perhaps you are a signer and would like to utilize your skills and talent in the voice acting and voice over sector? Or maybe you love creating characters when you read to your kids or talk to your pets?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you navigate the voice acting industry and help you find your place in it. Watch me Voice Acting on YouTube.

Voice Acting Coach Specialty

Lili primarily works in the commercial, live announcements, narration and voicemail sector. In regards to the Animation and Video Games sector, she will refer  you to an excellent coach.

One-off Voice Acting Coaching Options

  • Short feedback for recorded auditions: $15 for every round
  • 20 minute voice audition coaching: $30
  • 30 minute voice audition coaching: $50
  • 50 minute voice acting coaching: $100
  • In-studio session coaching/directing: $200/hour

Voice Acting Coach Sessions

In our audition sessions, I’ll help you craft stronger auditions. For an introduction to voice overs, I’ll help you find out what your strengths and weaknesses are, and help you build on both. Coaching techniques are designed to help you become independent and effective at auditioning and booking voice acting contracts. They should also help you build the confidence you need to perform for directors and clients. The tools we’ll use in our sessions are tools you’ll be able to use on your own to help you handle stressful or last minute voice acting situations.

Schedule Voice Acting Coaching Sessions

To schedule a coaching, please select a time that suits you from the calendars below. NOTE: You do not need to schedule time for audition feedback. If you are requesting an in-studio coaching session, please reach out by email.

Payment for Voice Acting Coach Sessions

Once you have booked a slot, I’ll send you an invoice which you can pay by credit card, or through a PayPal link. Invoices must be paid before coaching sessions.

Voice Acting Coach Lili Wexu

More Elaborate Voice Acting Coaching Sessions

If you need help with marketing your voice acting services, editing tricks, tips for your home studio, or for a more in depth career consultation and program, please refer to the voice acting mentoring page.

I am looking forward to working with you!