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Are you a film, television or theater actor looking to cross over into voice acting? Do you have a sudden voice audition you’d like coaching on? Do you need to build a voice acting booth quickly? Perhaps you’re a singer and would like to use your skills and talent in the voice acting and voice over sector? Or maybe you love creating characters when you read to your children or talk to your pets?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you with voice acting consultations. I’ll help you develop your talent and navigate your way through the voice over industry. If you’re just starting out and need some help with your voice over studio, or if your income has been stagnating for a while, start by reading the super affordable Voice Acting & Announcing books I’ve written.

Why I wrote about Voice Acting

Aside from the fact that my grandfather and father both wrote books about their individual professions, and that it only seemed natural for me to do the same, I wrote voice acting e-books because I’ve seen so many people who want to take voice acting lessons spend outrageous amounts of money on one-on-one voice acting coaching with extremely limited results or worse (many completely abandon the field because they have unrealistic expectations and think only a VO coach can fix their issues). In these e-books, I share everything I’ve learned in the past 25 years and give a detailed overview of how the voice over industry works now. They are a modern-day voice acting bible that will save you time, energy and money (they are affordable and concise). In them, I address what it takes to make it and how to stay in business once you’ve made it. Here are some of the topics I go over:

If after reading my Voice Acting e-books you still have specific questions pertaining to your voice acting career and VO business, schedule a consult so we can get to the bottom of the issue you’re facing.

Voice Acting Coach (Performance)

As you take voice acting coachings, we’ll discover your strengths and weaknesses and help you build on them. Coachings are designed to help you become independent and effective at auditioning and booking voice over jobs. With practice, you’ll be able to use the tools we work with in our sessions to create original performances in a heartbeat. These tools will also help you build the confidence you need to perform for directors and clients.

Like many actors, I earn a (very good) living in many voice over sectors, but I specialize in voice over commercials, as a narrator, and as a live announcer (live events like award shows, galas and games). If you need voice acting coaching in the animation, video games, audio book or TV promo sectors, I’ll refer you to excellent coaches.

Voice Acting Career Consultation

In a VO consultation, we’ll go over your recorded voice acting materials, VO marketing materials, and voice over studio quality. I believe there are three pillars voice acting that need to be strong in order to keep money flowing in, so we’ll go over each one (VO artist, VO technician, VO entrepreneur) to find out which needs to be strengthened so you can get the most out of your desire to learn voice acting and make a living with your voice.

Voice Acting & Voice Over Consultations

  • Short email feedback for recorded voice over auditions: $35 for every round
  • Quick 20 minute “Ask Me Anything” voice acting career question: $65
  • Quick 30 minute voice over audition coaching: $50
  • 50 minute commercial, narration and live announce voice acting lessons: $100
  • In depth 50 minute voice over career consultation: $200
  • In-studio session VO coaching/directing: $250/hour

Schedule Voice Acting Consults

To schedule a voice over coaching or a consult, reach out by email so I can send you a link to my calendar ([email protected]).

Payment for Voice Over Consults

Payments must be made before scheduling your coaching or consult session. Write to Lili ([email protected]) to receive your invoice for the selected service you chose.

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