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Listen to Lili’s Voice Acting Demos. They feature her deep, cinematic, conversational voice. You’ll find commercials demos, public service announcements, manifestos, short corporate narrations, short medical and pharmaceutical narration demos, movie trailer voice demos, animation & video game demos, and French Accent demos. If needed, Lili offers a scratch track recording service.

Some of these voice acting demos were recorded at Lili’s home studio, while others were recorded remotely via Source Connect. Some voice over demos were recorded at commercial studios in the Los Angeles area. Watch Lili Voice Acting on YouTube! Visit Lili on Vimeo!

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Voice Acting Demos

Voice Acting Demos - Commercials

Here are some examples of Lili’s special sauce. Her raw sound make her a favorite in the sports, automotive, and cosmetics industries.

Voice Over Demos - Corporate Narration - Manifestos

Lili’s deep voice and conversational, effortless style is especially suited to manifestos and corporate branding narrations.

Voice Acting Demos - Promotional Narration

Here are some narrations that are more commercial in nature. Lili’s voice has just the right balance of gravitas and brightness that makes her an ideal spokesperson.

Voice Acting Demos - Movie & Video Game Trailers

Lili has a voice with gravitas in these movie trailer demos.

Commercials - Announcer

Here are some more traditional spots where Lili performs the classic announcer role. Her warm and upbeat tone make her a favorite in financial and retail.

Commercials - PSAs

Agencies often turn to Lili for the tough stuff. You can hear why right here. She’s authoritative and straightforward.

Voice Acting Demos - Animation & Video Games

Female voice over actor Lili Wexu performs various character voices and accents on these animation and video games demos.

French Canadian Voice Over Demos & Services

For Canadian French voice over and voice acting services, please visit Lili’s official French Canadian website. Pour le site Français de voix hors champs, veuillez vous diriger ici.

Voice Acting Demos - Authentic French Accent

Lili performs an authentic French accent with varying styles in these demos. She can do the “sexy French accent thing”, or sound more conventional for corporate purposes.

If you’d like to stay on this site and hear some general French Canadian voice over demos, visit this page.

Need a French Canadian coach on set in Los Angeles? Visit Lili’s French Canadian coaching page here.