Download Voice Acting Demos

Listen to Voice Acting Demos: Commercials demos, Corporate Narration demos, Medical Narration demos, Movie Trailer demos, VOG demos, Animation demos, Video Game demos, Voicemail, and French Accent demos. Lili is also happy to record custom voice acting demos free of charge as well.

Some of these voice acting demos were recorded at Lili’s home studio, while others were recorded remotely via Source Connect (or ISDN bridge). Other voice over demos were recorded at commercial studios in the Los Angeles area. Watch Lili Voice Acting on YouTube!

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Voice Acting Demos

Voice Acting Demos - Commercials

Here are some voice acting demos for the commercial sector. She often voices television, radio, in-store, in-flight and internet commercials, as well as infomercials.

Voice Acting Demos - Movie Trailers

Lili has a voice with gravitas in these movie trailer demos.

Voice Demos - Live Event Announcer & VOG

Lili is a professional live announcer for award shows, conferences, trade shows, games and galas. Here are some VOG demos she has performed.

Voice Over Demos - Corporate Narration - Real Estate & more

Lili has a voice with gravitas in these authoritative corporate demos.

Voice Over Demos - Medical Narration

Here are some typical authoritative voice over demos used in the medical field.

Voice Acting Demos - Authentic French Accent

Lili performs an authentic French accent with varying styles in these demos. She can do the “sexy French accent thing”, or sound more conventional for corporate purposes.

Voice Over Demos - TV Promos

On these demos, Lili performs TV promos (cable, affiliate, network, internet TV).

Voice Acting Demos - Animation & Video Games

Female voice over actor Lili Wexu performs various character voices and accents on these animation and video games demos.

Voice Acting Demos - TV Narration

Here are some documentary, reality TV & biography voice demos Lili has performed.

Voice Over Demos - Corporate Narration - Instructional

Lili is often called upon to voice educational narration to train employees, professionals and the general public. Here are some instructional demos.

Voicemail & Navigation

Here are some voicemail demos Lili has recorded. She regularly records voicemail greetings for ivr systems, auto attendant & messages on hold.

French Canadian Voice Over Demos & Services

For Canadian French voice over and voice acting services, please visit Lili’s official French Canadian website. Pour le site Français de voix hors champs, veuillez vous diriger ici.